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544.5 QAR
Elegant and Easy Display Design, Superior Airflow and Ventilation Design, Multiple Cooling Fan placement up to 10 x 12cm Fans, 7 Standard Slots

The Xigmatek Aquarius pro Arctic white gaming case provides all the features you require, allowing you to build a beautiful gaming PC in the Doha.

The Aquarius pro Arctic Tempered gaming Case from XIGMATEK is a revolutionary design of PC case with continuous glass covering the front and left sides. This computer case supports all common galaxy motherboards and has many places for fans to be attached.
In its white form, the Xigmatek Aquarius pro Arctic gaming case stands out from the competitors. The motherboard is on the left side of its vertically divided interior, while the power supply and drives are located on the right. The PC case's exterior and interior are both displayed in a uniform white color scheme, accentuating the interior. Two distinct tempered glass panels are featured on the exterior of the Aquarius Gaming Case.

Aquarius Pro Arctic (White) Gaming Case Features

It is stylish, useful, and features toughened glass so you can show off your gear.
Users can express their individual creative and component choices by using either one of its sides as the front panel and the other tempered glass panel as the side panel.
  • Elegant and easy display design
  • Strong and Sophisticated
  • Crystal clear Front and Left Tempered Glass Design
  • Superior Airflow and Ventilation Design
  • Easy cable management
  • Multiple Cooling fan
  • Superior Airflow
  • Liquid Cooling Radiators
With a maximum PSU length of 220mm and a maximum VGA length of 430 mm, the Xigmatek Aquarius pro Arctic glass Gaming Case (White) in the Doha offers greater ATX motherboard flexibility.

If you don't know where to begin, building a PC can seem complex. Trying to determine the kind of case you require and whether it can fit all of the components you've chosen

The Xigmatek Aquarius pro Arctic Gaming Case is perfect for anyone looking to swiftly install a high-end system due to its wide range of compatibility and striking design. It can accommodate CPU coolers up to 185 millimeters in height.
The Aquarius pro Arctic White case has nine separate mounting locations for fans, including three on the bottom, one rear, two MB, and three top panels. The optimal location for fan attachment is on the back panel of the computer chassis. The Aquarius pro Arctic game PC Case features an HD audio port, two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, and one USB 3.0 port.

Aquarius Pro Arctic (White) Gaming Case Gallery

Create a challenging playing setting that will transform your player into a warrior.
This white PC box has storage space for two hard drives and one SSD, so it can hold sizable Steam libraries.

Aquarius Pro Arctic (White) Gaming Case Specs

It has a nice appearance and precisely fits your components. Styled gaming is always a possibility.
The flexibility of the remaining glass and the ability of the motherboard's top and side to support water-cooled radiators up to 360 mm in size make the gadget alluring for modification. The motherboard includes four 360 mm-diameter cooling fans: one each at the top, bottom, 120 MB, and rear.
Product Name Aquarius Pro Arctic
Material 0.8mm SPCC Thickness

460 x 285 x 445mm (LxWxH)

Drive Bays

2PCS Removeable HDD Cages
3.5" HDD x4
2.5" SSD x4

Expansion Slots 7 Standard Slots
Motherboard Support ATX, M-ATX, Mini ITX
Power Supply Standard PS2 ATX PSU
Fan Support Top: 120mm/140mm x3
Bottom: 120mm x3
MB Panel: 120mm x3
Rear: 120mm x1
Radiator Support Bottom: 360mm
Top: 360mm
I/O Panel

USB3.0x2+USB2.0x1, HD Audio

CPU Cooler 185 mm
VGA Length Limtation 430 mm
PSU Length Limitation 220 mm

Buy Aquarius Pro Arctic (White) Gaming Case in Doha

Grab it and use the tempered glass design and excellent craftsmanship to protect the internal PC components

The white Xigmatek Aquarius pro Arctic white game Case contains all the functionality you require and also has a great aesthetic. For a terrific price, get free shipping and the ideal PC setup without the fuss.

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There are countless unique features in the Aquarius pro Arctic gaming case. You can learn more by reviewing the following important FAQs.
What types of motherboards does Xigmatek Pro Arctic Gaming Case (White) in Doha support?
Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, and ATX motherboards are among the motherboards that are supported up to ATX.
What is the Xigmatek Pro Arctic Gaming Case's (White) Liquid Cooling Radiator Compatibility?
360mm front and 120mm rear radiators are compatible with its liquid cooling radiators.
Is the Xigmatek Pro Arctic in the Doha made entirely of tempered glass?
It does have flip-open tempered glass on the left panel and is made entirely of tempered glass.
What ports does the white Aquarius pro gaming case from Xigmatek offer?
The case's IO ports include two USB 2.0 ports, an HD audio port, one USB 3.0 port, and one USB 2.0 port.
How much is the best price of the Aquarius Pro Arctic (White) Gaming Case in Doha?
EMI Starts from 136.125 QAR/m 4 Months or 544.5 QAR.

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